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My ambition

My ambition is to be a doctor. It is one of the noblest professions of the world. If I become a doctor I will be able to serve the general public well.                              Becoming a doctor is not an easy task. We have to score high marks at the G.C.E{A/L}examination in bio-science stream.           As a doctor I will have to spend most of my time with parents. As a doctor I have to be tolerated.    Doctors must speak the patients with kind words.                       Because of most reasons I like to be a doctor.  Go to fullsize image


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Good manners

As school children we must learn good manners. We must always try to be well mannered persons. Good manners are essential to live in a good society.

                  When we meet someone we must greet him by saying ‘good morning or good afternoon’. We must greet him with a smile. When someone offers to help us we must say ‘Thank you very much’. That is to show our gratitude. When we have hurt someone by an over sight we must say ‘I’m very sorry’.                                              

          We must respect our parents, our teachers and our elders.                  

                        Only well-mannered persons can become good citizens.                                

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My village                                                                  My village is mahalakotuwa.It is a small village in the matale district.There are nearly two hundred families in my village. This is an agriculture area. Most of the villagers are farmers. They grow paddy, fruits and vegetables.  There is historical temple, rural development society and death donation society in my village. There are beautiful waterfalls, mountains and rivers in my village. The villagers are friendly. My village comes under the preview of the lag gala pradesiya sabha.villagers live happily and peacefully.I love my village very much.

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THE TEACHER,            This is the noblest profession in the world.                  The teacher does a great service to the society. He produces well disciplined and useful citizens. People who choose teaching as their profession are fortunate. Because  they   can  serve  e  country  and  also earn  a  living   at  the  same  time.  The future of   the younger generation depends on the education they receive. The teacher   guides them in the correct path.                  Teaching is not a monotonous job. The teacher  is  always  with the  young  ones  with  smiling  faces. So he spends his time happily.            Teacher leads an exemplary life.                             

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About me,

My   name is  himali  purnima  ekanayaka. I am a Sinhalese   Buddhist.  I was born on 6th July 1994. I am thirteen years old now.

 My school is Mp/mahalakotuwa/sri/sumana/maha/vidu-hala. I am in grade nine. My village is Mahalakotuwa.  My father’s name is ranjith heamantha. My mother’s name is Kusuma ekanayaka. She is a teacher.

My classteacher is Mr:rasika  manoj.He is very kind. My favourite subjects are English, mathamatics and sinhala. My favorite TV programme is ‘DAGARA WALIGA’. I have only one brother. He is a student in grade six. I  don’t  have  sisters  and  I  am  the eldest  of  the  family. My favourite sport is playing Elle.

My hobby is reading   story books. My  favourite  story  book  is ‘MADOLDOOWA’.It is written  by  well  known  writer  Martin  wickramasinghe.  My best friend is chandani. She is innocent and honest. I have an email address. My email address is           

One day I hope to   be a Doctor.

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